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Download the DawnFTP client here.

========= DawnFTP v1 - 12 May 2002

The DawnFTP client allows you to edit outside of the mud's default description editor, and on your personal computer. Once set up, you can edit anything from your description to notes to all OLC string editing. Editing is normally done in the notepad program by default - but this can be changed to use the editor of your choice.

The DawnFTP client is actually an enhanced version of mudftp v2 client written by Oliver Jowett ( with two additional features. The enhancements were written by Michael Garratt for the Dawn of Time codebase -

The first enhancement allows the client to connect thru the main mud port. The motivation for adding such a feature is because many mud hosting packages charge for the number of tcp ports a mud is using, this simple enhancement reduces the number of ports (and hopefully the amount you are charged).

The second enhancement allows a mud to send the command RECONNECT to the dawnftp client. Upon receiving this, the dawnftp client will disconnect and reconnect. This allows a simple way for muds with a hotreboot feature to maintain a dawnftp connection without having to transfer the dawnftp client details across the hotreboot.

The dawnftp.exe binary is a simple replacement for mudftp.exe. By default it will read dawnftp.cfg. If there is no dawnftp.cfg file in the working directory it will read mudftp.cfg instead.

The enhancements to the mudftp protocol are pretty simple. The dawnftp client after connecting listens for any text sent from the mud... if text is sent, it assumes that it is the standard mud greeting page, and therefore sends the text "dawnftp\n".

After sending this text, it blindly reads everyline until it finds a line that contains the text ":DAWNFTP:". If :DAWNFTP:01 is encounted, then it assumes everything is okay, and proceeds to the standard authentication mode... if not it thinks things went wrong or dawnftp logins are unsupported and aborts.

With the reconnect feature, the mud sends 'RECONNECT\n' to the client, the client simply disconnects and reconnects.

If this implementation is further developed updates will be at

This client code is under the GPL.

Documentation about the original mudFTP implementation is in the docs dir.