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Dawn's Mobhelp Queue Example

    >mobhelp queue
    Dequeueall  - Dequeues all currently running mobprogs.
    syntax: mob dequeueall
    notes:  no notes
          example:no example

    Queue       - Queue the execution of a command.
    syntax: mob queue <seconds> command to run when time is up
    notes:  mobprog variables used in the queue commands are resolved at the time the queueing is performed... e.g. $r will be a random person at the time a prog is queue... not when it is run.  To get random at the time a prog runs, put the instructions in a prog t
    hen use the 'mq# mob call <vnum>' command.
    example:mob queue 2 north
                  mob queue 2 yell hello
                  mob queue 3 \2n
                  mob queue 3 yell far hello
                  mob queue 4 \3s
                  mob queue 4 yell here hello
                  mob queue 1 yell first here hello because time is 1 second
    The mob queue #  (where # is a number in seconds) can be shortened to mq# (e.g.):
                  mq2 north
                  mq2 yell hello
                  mq3 \2n
                  mq3 yell far hello
                  mq4 \3s
                  mq4 yell here hello
                  mq1 yell first here hello because time is 1 second