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This is the official website of the Dawn of Time mud codebase (Dawn).  

This site has a list of muds which run on Dawn, development news, downloads of the latest codebase and any other news relating to Dawn in general.


Latest News

12 September 2009

It has been a long time since an update has been posted on the main page, after the introduction of forums a number of years ago, most discussion and development news is announced there... (the forums contain over 9000 posts)
See the forums for the latest on the codebase including very stable beta releases and a thriving developer community.
The latest beta releases include object prog support among a number of other things.

- Kal

9 April 2004

A Native Windows Precompiled version of Dawn 1.69r is now available for download (

I had planned to release a native win32 compile of the 1.69r source code shortly after the 1.69r release.  Only I totally forgot about it, so I have just compiled it now after I saw someone mention on another forum they couldn't get Dawn running (they were using the 1.69q binary with the 1.69r support files). 

The build reports its version as 1.69r+, this is because it includes the following tweaks since the 1.69r 1Feb04 release:

  • Default prompt set in gameedit now saves.
  • Turning on your prompt now shows the system default prompt if you don't have a prompt set.
  • 'Equiped' is now correctly spelt as 'equipped' throughout the entire release.
  • The spellname text within 'hedit show' is now shown in white.
  • On Windows Dawn now displays the text "Application exiting, press any key to close this window." when it is exiting if it wasn't started from the command line (this avoids people first running dawn and just getting a black box appear for a second then disappear).
  • On Windows, if during bootup some of the directories are missing, dawn displays the following message:
    • "If this is your first time starting with the Dawn of Time codebase it is strongly recommended that you read the getting started guide at: (assuming you haven't done so already)"
  • In addition includes v1.5 of the dns resolving process (resolver.exe)

This compile has IPv6 and MCCP support built in (zlib v1.21 statically linked).  The binary but it shouldn't  require actual IPv6 support to be installed on your machine, but it does require Winsock version 2.  If the version is found to not run on some machines due to a lack of IPv6 I can release an IPv4 only version.

The getting started pages have been updated to reflect the changes for 1.69r and add instructions for compiling with MSVC++ .NET.

In addition I have updated the muds list (added 2 new muds, and updated 2, if you want to get on this list email me using the contact page).

- Kal

8 April 2004

I have updated the muds list (added 8 new muds! and updated 2).  There is now 12 muds listed there, of the 40 to 50 currently running.

A number of the mud listings were requested some time back, but were missed... if you have sent me a request to be listed and you aren't there now, please re-request and I will get you on the list.

- Kal

6 Feb 2004

What's new in Dawn 1.69r

A lot of the focus in the Dawn development has been geared towards improving the 'foundations' of the codebase and improving its 'new implementor' friendliness.  In addition there have been a number of enhancements for players, the following lists are by no means exhaustive, but give an indication of many of the changes. 

New Functionality:

  • ReplayRoom command - system records all room events (says, whispers, emotes, socials, etc) which occur on a per player basis.  Each player can replay the last 40 events they have seen since logging in.
  • ReplayChannels command - exactly like replayroom, only it records/replays activity on all the channels combined.
  • Langedit (online language editor)
  • Players can choose to have socials with or without colour... also the default colour in socials option can be set globally in gameedit
  • new raceinfo and classinfo commands which are available in creation (unless disabled with a gameedit flag)
  • Battlelag command - a prompt which is displayed in front of your normal prompt when you are affected by lag in combat.
  • Object wearing preference system - code is now intelligent when wearing two items which fit in the same wear location - for example, is you can type 'wear golden', 'wear golden'... and you would replace both of your rings with golden rings... instead of the second 'wear golden' replacing what you just wore using the first 'wear golden'.
  • %d prompt code displays if you are sneaking, hidden and invisible - try "prompt all6c" template for an example.
  • Improved error messages for players - e.g. trying to 'open up' no longer reports 'its already open', instead it reports what is already open (e.g. 'an upturned flowerpot is already open') etc.
  • 37 new gameedit flags
  • Logging to a date generated filename which is automatically rotated nightly
  • Launching into a background process (on 'unix' based machines)
  • command line arguments with help (e.g. ./dawn --createdirs)
  • Ability to store histories on players
  • new mpprog ifchecks, new mobprog commands
  • undeny - opposite of deny
  • IPv6 Support - The 'low level' network code has been completely rewritten from scratch to support IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) -  and for more on IPv6.  The code also centralises all the processing of the various types of network connections the codebase supports - telnet, http, dawnftp, mudftp and irc are all supported by the common network core.  This was one of the most significant changes in the R release, even though it doesn't affect many at this current point in time, it saves a very involved process of upgrading the network code in the future for those using the codebase when/if IPv6 support is required.


  • MCCP no longer stops over hotreboots - meaning no more crashing inferior mudclients over hotreboots!
  • Autodamage messages for vampiric, flaming, frost, and shocking weapon effects.
  • Improved "gain points" so you are credited for any xp you earn't towards the next level after reducing the amount to level (instead of losing it as you have up until this point)
  • The entire language system has been rewritten, languages are no longer hard coded and use a tree structure which makes searching for translations very efficient.  rewrite required to support langedit.
  • The set of GIO (Generic Input Output) functions are a lot more portable
  • mxp enhancements to a number of the less commonly used olc editors
  • spinfo enhancements - now displays your percentage of ability in realms etc.
  • brlist now shows
  • The mixeditor is now useable, and it is possible to implement a herbs system
  • generic handling of a lot of olc flag setting - leading to improved messages and usability
  • mobprog setskill now supports 'flexivalues'
  • portablity changes so the code can compile cleanly with more compilers
  • The ability to grant players/immortals elevated laston access, (seeing full times for mortals, and host names for immortals etc)
  • gameedit can set how many trains, pracs, gold and silver you start off with
  • redit can automatically assign the next free vnum when digging
  • passwords longer than 8 characters are signficant past the 8 character mark
  • 'double forking' when launching the resolver to avoid zombie processes in


  • Faeries only require 2 movement points to start flying (flag enabled for the faerie race in the stock races)
  • Orc, Drow and Draconian races now available in creation
  • A number of improvements and changes to the areas, helps and system files - see the 'support change log' for details.

Bug fixes:

  • Security fixes - these are worth upgrading for alone, but are not documented in the change logs for obvious reasons!
  • Mixedit crash bug
  • Mcopy shop data loss
  • Rooms are no longer counted twice for the value in mudstats
  • Donate fixes
  • Can no longer fling tokens
  • Can't cantrip into rooms/through you can't gate into
  • Can no longer exhaust a fountain's water by filling a flask from it
  • Search the logs for 'bug' for a full list of bug fixes

For a more detailed list of changes consult the change logs in the download directory.


1 Feb 2004

Dawn 1.69r has been released!

It is available from the downloads link above.  More details to follow.

- Kal

19 Aug 2003

Time for long overdue update.  I have just come back from 2 months travelling, so things are just starting to get back in to gear. 

So what's happening:

  • We are moving servers! the dawn website and forum are moving to a new hosting company which will opening within the next month or so, more on this to come.  Our current server is located in New Zealand and just moved to a new hosting company which provides limited international bandwidth. The server we are moving to is located on a fast link in the UK and will result in much faster access and downloads - especially the forums!
  • Work has recommenced on 1.69r, I aren't going to say much about it right now as I am focusing on moving the server.
  • A cleanup has been performed to the muds page (ip addresses updated, inactive muds removed etc).  There are over 40 muds running the Dawn codebase I am aware of, which about 20 are listed on mudconnector.  If you want to be listed on the dawn's mud list, please send the appropriate details using the contact page and I will get it updated.
  • The download page/index is fixed... thanks to those who emailed me.

Apologises for my limited response to emails while I have been away, if you have something which remains unanswered please contact me using the contact page.

- Kal

18 Jan 2003

I have setup some dedicated forums for the Dawn user community at

14 Jan 2003

Due to other commitments, my time has been seriously limited over the last two months and as a result I have had to delay the 1.69r release. 

I have had a large number of emails asking for help getting started which I haven't managed to answer.  If you have sent me one or more questions using the contact page which I haven't replied to, feel free to repost the question on the dawn forums at and someone there should be able to help you.

5 Dec 2002

Added a table of contents and a few tweaks to the getting started section.

9 Sept 2002

Added a Cygwin section to the getting started guide

8 Sept 2002

Updated the muds page, and about dawn page.

8 August 2002

I have just written a getting started guide.  It doesn't cover everything, but it should be enough to get some people started who were struggling up until this point.  If you notice any mistakes or want to discuss any additional sections you believe should be covered, feel free to contact me using the contact page.

- Kal

1 June 2002

Well, it is finally here - The long awaited Dawn 1.69q is now available for download from the codebase news page!   

This is the first release where there is complete packaging of source, helps, areas and system files.  The help files have had a lot of work for the first time in over a year (by Paradigm and myself).  The areas have had a few enhancements to use some of the latest features (lockers, and renting).  Socials now include colour thanks to work performed on Stormbringer and Myridian Fields.  I still plan to write more help files but it takes a long time and has already held up the Q release for two weeks.

The majority of changes in this release are of a more technical nature.  The most obvious is the use of ` to prefix colour characters (instead of {)... this has been changed to make it easier to add support for a scripting language in the future.  For those upgrading from older versions of dawn, the code has functionality to convert pretty much every file read in with a colour code areas, helps, clans, socials, notes etc.  This process isn't 100% straight forward and I am willing to help anyone with this upgrade.  I am actually willing to help anyone upgrade to 1.69q for people who have already started a mud using an earlier release (patching or otherwise)... this is because I would like 1.69q the oldest version used (I don't want us in 1 years time to see dawn snippets released for the old colour format).    If you want to contact me regarding getting your code converted click the contact link and send me an email.

In terms of visible new features included in 1.69q, there are a few, these include:
- Flashing colour support 
- Lockers
- Contients are no longer hard coded
- Rent command to set your recall for a period of time
- Support for dawnftp - a modified version of mudftp which accepts connections using the main mud port.

In addition the code now compiles with no warnings/errors on more compilers than ever before - including Cygwin, GCC version 3 and OpenBSD.

And of course there have also been a number of bug fixes :).

- Kal

20 Mar 2002

Well I am in London, and semi-setup.  :)

Development has recommenced on Dawn 1.69q and I expect will be released soon.
Until then I have packaged the Win32 binary of 1.69p and the related source code diff for the 1.69p release.  The source code of 1.69p was released on 29Dec02 but I haven't had time to put the details here.  

To get Dawn 1.69p, go to the codebase page.

- Kal

8 Feb 2002

I am in the process of moving from New Zealand to the UK.  I had hoped to get another release out before I left but that hasn't been possible.  I have very little time to give to Dawn for the next 3 months, as a result all questions, support should be handled on the dawn forum at:

- Kal

15 Dec 2001

Endless dreams has opened for players at port 9000.  

Details on the Muds Running DOT page.

30 Nov 2001

Dawn 1.69o has been released.

This version contains a number of improvements, game settings and bug fixes (like usual). 

Details about 1.69o is on the codebase page.  

30 Sep 2001

Dawn 1.69n has been released - this is getting very close to the complete mud release, I was playing around to see how far I could take the MXP interface, and I came up with an mxp ascii tab driven racial editor... checkout an html log displaying how the tabs work here.   

Full  Details about 1.69n is on the codebase page.  

I have also put up on the site additional files you need to run with the mud - helps, system directory and the dawn limbo area file... these are in the required download directory.

29 Sep 2001

A new look for the website. 

10 Aug 2001

A new mud running Dawn has opened! Stormbringer rebirth... address on the muds page! 

4 Aug 2001

Codebase page updated to detail some of the improvements in 1.69m.

31 July 2001

Another release at the end of the month... Dawn 1.69m has some significant changes and improvements.  MXP support much more extensive (including the setting of a lot of OLC flags with the click of the mouse), corpses are now saved across hotreboots. Full details  on the codebase page.

30 May 2001

Dawn 1.69l has finally been released... this release improves the mxp support and introduces a new helpfile format.  The helpfiles are currently being all converted to the new format which creates support for help categories and clickable helplinks.   Full details on the codebase page.

12 Apr 2001

Dawn 1.69k has been released... this release adds full mxp support (mud extension protocol) - details on the codebase page.

What happened to Dawn 2?